We present a program that focuses on not only the competition of the game but the sportsmanship, art, and beauty of  chess.  Chess trains the mind to develop ideas, formulate strategy and solve problems.  The technique that players employ to play good moves in chess can improve problem solving in other complex disciplines such as mathematics, finance, and the sciences.  Our lessons address all kinds of quandaries, not merely those that occur within the sixty four squares.  Critical thinking, organization, discipline are brought together not only to solve problems on the board but also to solve many other life challenges.  The Pandolfini Method incorporating the Socratic Method encourages learning through questions and self discovery rather than through spoon-feeding the player.  As a result, students  emerge from our courses mentally disciplined and tougher.  The student has assimilated valuable insight and knows that no matter how complicated circumstances may seem, a good strategy is essential both on and off the Chess Board.