Coaching Staff

WGM Irina Krush
Irina Krush won the US Women’s Chess Championship six times, most recently in 2014. In both the 2002 and the 2004 Olympiads she lead the US women’s squad to victory over the Chinese women’s squad.  She is a frequent contributor to Chess Life Magazine and is noted for her high standards of sportsmanship.

GM Zviad Izoria
Zviad Izoria a two time World Champion and a Top US active player.

GM Alex Lenderman
Alex Lenderman a World Champion and a Top active GM in the World.

GM Max Dlugy
Max Dlugy a World Champion; Personal trainer to both World Champion Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov

GM Georgi Kachaishvili
Georgi Kachaishvili coaches students at the Championship level. He is a distinguished Top Opening Analyst and lectures on the all-important topic of the endgame.

IM Sherif El-Assoutti
Sherif El-Assoutti is a member of the Egyptian Olympiad Team.  He is an excellent private chess trainer.

Marcus Mairena
Marcus Mairena is a personal chess trainer who is beloved to his students.

FM Juan Sena
Juan Sena is an efficient classroom teacher as well as a personal trainer.

Thomas Knoff