Each instructor at Top Level Chess is passionate about chess and dedicated to sharing this passion with his or her students. Chess is not simply a pastime; it is a game of collaboration and competition that can bring pleasure to a stimulating challenge. The difference between chess becoming a tedious class or an enriching mental exercise comes to the skill and magnetism of its teachers, and in this area Top Level Chess is unmatched in quality. If you are looking for a place where, week after week, your child will anticipate engaging with their teacher in a private lesson or with their fellows in a group lesson, gaining camaraderie and talent through the game, then Top Level Chess is the place for your child. If  you are an adult seeking to train in the classic strategy challenge of chess, you will receive unparalleled instruction with our world class teachers. With the help of our instructors, students of any age or experience level will become not only comfortable, but confident with the competitive, strategic, and critical thinking that is so integral to the game of chess.

Individual and small group classes are available. If you are interested in signing up for individual classes with Shernaz or another of our expert instructors, please email her at ShernazKennedy@aol.com or call her at (516) 991 7509.